Grand Knight Report – January 2018



You may be asking, where is the December newsletter. I accept full responsibility for that as I have had to make several extended trips back to Illinois over the last month and a half as my wife’s brother, Lloyd Mizura, has had 4 or 5 surgeries since just before Thanksgiving including the addition of a colostomy bag which may be permanent. Lloyd lived with Debbie and I for 18 years, after his mother had passed, until my job transferred me to the Glen Allen office. He has moved in with his other sister as he did not want to relocate. He is now in rehab as he has not left the hospital since the first surgery and we are looking at assisted living options for him. I have spoken to many of my Brother Knights that have had to deal with usually parents but loved ones that are many hours away and do not want to move. I have benefitted from your brotherhood and I appreciate all your offers of support going back to before my mother lost her battle with cancer and her being 12 hours away and I can really relate to what you are dealing with. Plus she was remarried so that was a major challenge for me. So please bear with me as my mind has been elsewhere these last couple of months.

Back to business: I have worked with Bob Seifert to put together our fraternal survey and I will say that it is amazing hour many hours are donated to the church and the surrounding community for activities that are not directly associated with the Knights. I am just thinking that it would be good to simply have a list of all ministries our members participate in and the external activities. You guys are just amazing. Many of you do this in silence, in other words not for the recognition. The problem with that is that it would be great to publish a list as a bulletin insert or post on our bulletin board or all that we are involved in doing.

We helped in providing meals at the VA Hospital, Bingo on January 7 at the VA Hospital, 6 Christmas Baskets for the community, food (Panera) for the VCU burn unit, cards for the Prison Ministry and to troops based out of Chesterfield, basket of Cheer and support at the “No Room at the Inn”, support at the craft bazaar, look at the statues around the outside of the church, the list goes on. I was trying to get thank yous in the newsletther and that is an immense task, which is great! (I could use a point of contact to collect this information for the newsletter, preferably someone(s) that wants to help but cannot dedicate a specific time.

In January, we have pancake breakfast on the 14th, free throw contest on the 28th, (our big fundraiser this year) Pub night on the 20th, Right to Life March on the 19th.

We need members as we have an Initiation ceremony scheduled for February.

Going back to my opening paragraph, I would like to leave you with a joke my late father used to tell (please replace the word “crap” with one that begins with the letter S): “If you want sympathy, look it up in the dictionary. It is between crap and syphilis and I want none of that.”

Vivat Jesus

Jim Borden – Grand Knight

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